Matt Fitzwater


I've been designing for the web professionally since Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape were duking it out and Lycos and Alta Vista, were the "best" search engines, so my portfolio is extensive.

If you've read my design philosophy, you'll know I believe my best design is always my next design. Here are a few of my latest projects. Each website is a unique design and hand-coded.

I've been getting a lot of request for smaller websites and blogs, so I've decided to rebrand Clear Spring Design. I just finished phase 1, for better or worse, it's an all original code/concept -- (look mom, no frameworks). I'm working on integrating a web design guide, and e-commerce, phase 2/3... I guess. On a side note, my youngest is the chicken whisperer, so I wanted to work him in with the video:)

Here's a newly redesigned project for IU Libraries. This is a good example of before and after the beard:) I've hand-coded a responsive layout using CSS Flexbox. (I still had to float some elements to get older versions of Internet Explorer to work). This page is going to be used with a proprietary CMS so if you view the source everything is pretty much coded inline.

Listed alphabetically below are some of the projects I'm most proud of.